2014 Pre-Ride: Epic v2.0

So we’re back from our pre-ride of the proposed 2014 route… and it’s another epic week of jaw-dropping scenery, fun and friendly small towns, and great riding along the way.

Now, first things first: This route will involve getting permits from agencies including the Forest Service, National Parks and the BLM; we’re already working with all these agencies and others, but we don’t want to be rash and announce a route that hasn’t been approved. But we’re hopeful we can work with everyone involved, and our 2013 event and riders made a good impression on our government partners, so we’re looking to build on that.

That said, here’s what we’re hoping to do. We would start and end in Jackson, Wyoming, with overnight stops in Victor, Idaho, and then Hoback Junction, Pinedale, Lander (with a layover day there) and Dubois in Wyoming, before returning to Jackson through Grand Teton National Park.

It’s a mix of mountain passes, peaceful valleys surrounded by majestic peaks, picturesque roads along rivers and lakes, some wide-open spaces, red-rock canyons, alpine forests and one of the most stunning views in America: when the Tetons first come into view over Togwotee Pass.

Don’t try to map it all out right now – we’re holding back a bit of info here just to keep you guessing; just know that our small pack of pre-riders thinks you’re going to absolutely love it.

Want some evidence of why? Check out a selection of pre-ride photos on our Facebook page. And these aren’t even the best shots… we’re saving those for the website.

We’re working on our 2014 registration system, and hope to open things up in the next month or so.

Pre-Ride Selects 2Pre-Ride Selects 1

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7 Responses to 2014 Pre-Ride: Epic v2.0

  1. Greg Weatherby says:

    Please keep me posted on the rides. :)

  2. Jack bernhardt says:

    Keep me in the loop. Thanks

  3. Tom Wachman says:

    I did my first cycle Oregon ride this year, spoke to someone that did you ride and his comments were very positive. I am interested and have friends that would like to get in. Thanks, Tom

    • Dean says:

      Glad to see several new folks are interested.Registration will likely open in November. Keep an eye on the Facebook page, the blog or the website for updates.

  4. Wendi Abbott says:

    I would like to know about the ride/ and /or help

  5. Jim says:

    I considered doing the 2013 ride and did not end up making it. Already planning on doing the 2014 ride. If my friends don’t want to go, too bad. It’s their lose.

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