Day Five — So Beautiful We Could Bearly Stand It

Every day of this ride contains healthy doses of bucolic splendor but today is so full of it it’s almost unfair. From the moment we left camp until we hit the highway to Cody, we were bombarded with visual goodness (particularly those of us who looked back on the way out).

Just a few miles in there was a huge mishegoss  at the side of the road. A grizzly bear was dining on bison leftovers as a hungry “wolf” (which bore a striking resemblance to a coyote because that’s what it actually was) looked on.

Then on to business as we headed toward Chief Joseph Pass — the most epic climb of this year’s tour — particularly since we won’t be able to do the Beartooth Highway because it’s currently on fire. I never tire of watching people reach the summit of a tough climb — particularly those who have to struggle a bit to get there. Gets me a little choked up.

What goes up must go down and the descent was a ripper featuring some beautiful banked corners with a clear view all the way through allowing for some pretty impressive speeds for those who opted to grip it and rip it.

Full set of photos on Facebook and some highlights below.

CGY (11 of 12) untitled-181 CGY (12 of 12)

untitled-347untitled-50-2untitled-120-2untitled-503CGY (2 of 2)

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3 Responses to Day Five — So Beautiful We Could Bearly Stand It

  1. Laurel Adler says:

    Dean, Tekla and I just wanted to thank you and LE for just being great!

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