Day Seven — And Just Like That it’s Over

In some ways it seems like last Saturday was a month ago. In others it seems like we were just getting started. Either way, the first ever Cycle Greater Yellowstone is a memory (a beautiful memory with the power to last a long, l0ng time).

The route today was long with some brilliant parts as well as some long parts, which probably would have been REALLY long if it had been hot. Instead it was perfect. Some riders are on their way home now, others are partying and still others are getting ready for an ascent of the Beartooth Pass tomorrow. I only wish we were here to capture it.

It will probably take a few days to let it all sink in, but I think we all know by now we are part of something pretty special. And, as Gardiner’s mayor told us, we are now all part of the history of this great place.

Check out today’s images on Facebook and the highlights below. Happy trails!

CGY (15 of 16) untitled-45-2untitled-78-2CGY (2 of 16)CGY (1 of 16)untitled-5-3

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One Response to Day Seven — And Just Like That it’s Over

  1. Lance says:

    Your great blog and website have inspired me. I really hope that I can participate in your ride next year! I even wrote about you in my blog.

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