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Read Your Emails (Please)

Hey, you may have noticed that we send out an email to all our riders (and those on our Interest List) every month or two. I have two words of advice for you when you see one of these in your inbox: PLEASE OPEN IT.

school marmNot because we’re trying to sell you anything or we’re just super proud of our emails – because if you’re signed up for our event, there’s info in there you need to know. We don’t have a formal newsletter, so these emails are our way of communicating the latest news to you.

So if you want to know about bus and shipping options for getting to the start, the short-route bus option on Day 2, the new video/animation viewbook of the 2013 route, our new Tent Sherpa service, our new training resources… your best bet is to read those emails.

If you somehow haven’t been getting them (yes, you can say that’s why you haven’t read them; we’ll accept that… for now), the three main emails so far are now available on our website for you to catch up. You might also want to make sure is listed as a safe sender in your email software. Some of you have experienced these getting caught by your spam filter.

3 thoughts on “Read Your Emails (Please)”

  1. when one takes the bus, from an airport to either to W. Yellowstone or from Red Lodge to an airport, does ones’ bicycle need to be packaged or can it be in the “as ridden” mode yet on the bus? Are you planning a trailer for the bikes or should the bike be ready to fly at the end of the ride? I’m trying to figure out to where should I ship my bike..
    David C.

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