The Official CGY Photos are Ready

BestOfCGY10The official CGY Photos by L.E. and Dean are done and available for your viewing (and downloading and purchasing) pleasure here. The password for all photo galleries is “Yellowstone.”

Chances are high that there are a few nice ones of YOU (we uploaded a lot but broke them down into multiple galleries to make it easier to go through).

If you see something you like, you may click the “Download” button and grab it for free. If you would like to purchase a high-resolution file or order a print, click “Add to Cart.” From there, you’ll get a pop up where you can choose a print size or click the “Download” tab for downloads.

Please note that not all of these images are cropped to a particular size or aspect ratio, so if you want or need something that isn’t available on the site, please email L.E. at

If you don’t feel like sorting through everything and just want to see the best images so you can get a sense of the ride, visit

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One Response to The Official CGY Photos are Ready

  1. Laurel Adler says:

    Awesome, fun, experience, can’t wait to do it again.

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